Trinity County Office of Education   Sarah E. Supahan Superintendent of County Schools  530 623-2861
California Heritage YouthBuild Academy Shawn Martinez  Principal 530-378-5252
Trinity R.I.S.E. Academy  Fabio Robles & Sandy Coatney  Superintendent &  Principal 530-623-2861
Burnt Ranch Elementary SD   Superintendent/Principal 530-629-2543
Coffee Creek Elementary SD  Brian Burns Superintendent/Principal 530-266-3344
Douglas City Elementary SD Shannon Ross Superintendent/Principal 530-623-6350
Junction City Elementary SD Christine Camara Superintendent//Principal 530-623-6381
Lewiston Elementary SD Mary Thoreson Superintendent/Principal 530-778-3984
Mountain Valley Unified School District Annmarie Swanstrom Superintendent .530-628-5265
  • Hayfork Elementary
  • Hayfork High School
  • Hyampom Arts Magnet - CLOSED
  • Valley High
  • TBA
  • Annmarie Swanstrom
  • Annmarie Swanstrom
  • Principal
  • Principal
  • Principal
  • 530-628-5294
  • 530-628-5261
  • 530-628-5921
  • 530-628-4690
Southern Trinity Joint Unified SD Peggy Canale Superintendent 707-574-6237
  • Hoaglin-Zenia
  • Mt. Lassic High School
  • Southern Trinity High School
  • Van Duzen Elementary School
  • Peggy Canale
  • Andy Felt
  • Andy Felt
  • Peggy Canale
  • Principal
  • Principal
  • Principal
  • Principal
  • 707-923-9670
  • 707-574-6239
  • 707-574-6239 
  • 707-574-6237
Trinity Alps Unified School District Jaime Green Superintendent 530-623-6104
  • Alternative Education Programs
  • Cox Bar Elementary - CLOSED
  • Trinity High School
  • Trinity Prepatory Academy
  • Weaverville Elementary School
  • Sandy Coatney
  • TBA
  • Katie Poburko
  • Katie Poburko
  • Principal
  • Principal
  • Principal
  • Principal
  • 530-623-6127
  • 530-623-6127
  • 530-623-5533
  • 530-623-5533
Trinity Center Elementary SD Fabio Robles Superintendent/Principal 530-266-3342


Program Location Days/Hours Transportation Teacher / Facilitator Director Phone Number
State Preschools   175 School Days     Sheri White 530-623-2024
Alps View  Weaverville Elementary
No Mary Haugen   530-623-3784
Lewiston Lewiston Elementary 
No Brittany Rykart   530-778-3984
Shasta Trinity 
Head Start
  129 School Days     Carolyn Nunnelly 530-245-5101
Weaverville 3-4 30920 St Hwy 3 Monday-Friday
Yes Shanna Rosenthal   530-623-4110
Early Head Start
3093 Hwy 3 Year Round Home Visit
2 Times a Month
No Courtney Bayley   530-623-4110
Weaverville Parent
Nursery School
Weaverville Campus Temporary Closed        
Kinder Kids Montessori 31341 Trinity Lakes Blvd,
Highway 3, Weaverville 
Follows Local School Calendar - 180 Days
No Jolene Edwards Jolene Edwards 530-739-1161
School Readiness Trinity County Office of Education 108 School Days
Three Twelve Week Sessions
No    Fabio Robles 530-623-2861 x226
Cox Bar Cox Bar School CLOSED        
Hayfork PreK
Mornings & Afternoon
Hayfork Elementary
Room 22
Tuesday- Thursday
No Lisa Adams   530-623-5294
North Lake Playgroup Coffee Creek Elementary Tuesday-Thursday
No  Moira Cariglio   530-266-3344
Van Duzen PreK Van Duzen Elementary Tuesday-Thursday
Yes Caitlin Canale
Tammy Frasier
  707-574-6237 x238
 Day of the Week
Trinity COE  1:00 p.m. 3rd Wednesday
Burnt Ranch ESD 4:00 p.m. 2nd Thursday
Chyba Heritage Youthbuild Academy II (CHYBA) TBD Quarterly
Coffee Creek ESD 3:30 p.m.  2ns Wednesday
Douglas City ESD 4:45 p.m. 2ns Wednesday
Junction City ESD 4:00 p.m. 2nd Thursday
Lewiston ESD 4:00 p.m 4th Monday
Mountain Valley Unified SD 6:15 p.m. 2nd Wednesday
Southern Trinity Joint Unified SD 6:30 p.m. at Hoaglin-Zenia
6:30 p.m at Southern Trinity 
3rd Tuesday
Trinity Alps Unified SD 5:30 p.m. 2nd Tuesday
Trinity Center ESD 3:45 p.m. 3rd Wednesday

Occasionally it is necessary to change or postpone meeting dates or location due to weather, etc. Please confirm the meeting date, time and location with the district.

Sarah E. Supahan
County Superintendent   
ext. 239

Gretchen Deichler
Assistant Superintendent of Business Services  
ext. 229

Tim Edwards
Facilities & Operations Director
ext. 247

Steven Hiscock
Pathways to Success Program Manager
ext. 244

Melanie Holmes
Human Resource/Payroll Director
ext. 225

Robert Jackson
Director of Technology
ext. 262

Tim Nordstrom
Director of Educational Services
ext. 260

Anthony Rebelo
Assistant Superintendent of Special Ed/SELPA Director
ext. 249

Cassie Telles 
SELPA Secretary 
ext. 270

Fabio Robles
Deputy Superintendent/Community School Superintendent
ext. 226

April Angelone
Internal/External Business
ext. 227

Liz McIntosh
HR/Payroll Analyst
ext. 223

Jeff Morris Facilities
Fiscal Analyst/Education Data Technician
ext. 224
Program Manager
Steve Hiscock 
Program Manager 
ext. 244

Welness Liaisons

Dominic Henry - Wellness Liaison
Kelsey Willburn - Wellness Liaison
Jocelyn Turcion - Wellness Liaison

200 Memorial Drive
Weaverville, CA
96093 (530)
623-2861 ext. 280 Telephone
(530) 623-4489 FAX 

Administrative Staff

Fabio Robles

Sandy Coatney

Instructional Staff

Sandy Coatney 
RISE Academy Principal 

Jason Palmer
RISE Teacher 7th-12th grade 

Megan Bielecki
RISE Teacher 3rd - 6th grade

Erin Burger
RISE Academy Paraeducator 
ext. 280

Sue Kilmer
RISE Academy Paraeducator

Bonnie Hammond 
RISE Academy Paraeducator
ext. 280

Julie Ashton-Boyd

Prevention and Early Intervention Counselor BR/JC/WES/DC/LES
ext. 238

Sheree Beans
School Nurse, All districts
ext. 252

Amanda Cloud
Psychologist Intern
ext. 255

Jennifer Comiskey
Early Childhood Education Coordinator
ext. 228 J

Joe Comiskey
School Psychologist/Program Specialist BR/CHYBA/DC/JC/STJUSD/WES
ext. 259

Nonny David
IT Support Specialist I
ext. 235

Laura Johnson
IT Support Specialist II
ext. 236

Ann Hill
TUPE Director
ext. 232

Steven Hiscock
Pathways to Success Manager
ext. 244

Sue Kilmer
ext. 281

Megan Koeller
Health Assistant, All districts
ext. 258

Dawn MacLaren
ext. 220

Chelsea Martinez
California Heritage YouthBuild Academy II Program Director

Jim Pindell
Mental Health Clinician
ext. 257

Stephanie Rebelo
WorkAbility I Coordinator
ext. 245

Alison Smith
Foster Youth-Homeless Liaison
ext. 261

Tiffany Wright
Foster Youth-Homeless Liaison
ext. 233

Meetings: 3rd Wednesday of each month

Place: Trinity County Office of Education
Time: 1 P.M.

Area I Randy Spencer (TC, CC, DC, LEW) 2024

Area II Michelle Myers (TAUSD) 2024

Area III Sally Aldinger (MVUSD) 2024

Area IV Melissa Nielsen (BR, JC) 2022

Area V Steve Canale (STJUSD) 2022

Sarah Supahan
County Superintendent of Schools
Ex-Officio Secretary 

Dawn MacLaren
Secretary/Receptionist Secretary to the Board

CDS 53-10538-0125633
8544 Airport Road
Redding, CA 96002-9210
530-378-5254 Telephone
530-379-5256 FAX
District Trustees

Bettina Blackwell 2020
Marlene Carmichael 2020
Aleta Carpenter 2021 

Administrative Staff

Cathy Clouse-Taylor
Executive Director 

Lane Carlson
CTE Pathway Director 

Chelsea Martinez
Program Director 

Shawn Martinez

Instructional Staff

Robert Arnold

Ryan Franco

Sommer Snowden

Trinity County Office of Ed | 201 Memorial Drive | PO Box 1256 |  Phone (530) 623-2861 | FAX (530) 623-4489

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