TCOE Reopening Plan

Revised June 29, 2020 (See in red)

As of July 1, 2020 our current understanding with the state - which allows for everyone to be paid whether they are working or not - will be concluded. Consequently, as of July 1st, we expect everyone to be working at their jobs on a regular basis unless they have vacation time and/or non-contract days to utilize during the summer.
Most 12-month employees will be required to work from the office, but to avoid too many people in the building, other staff will remain working from home full-time or part-time as their job requires and as their supervisor allows. 

NOTE: The Trinity County Environmental Health Department may require other restrictions for our office in order to reopen. We will communicate any changes to this plan that may be imposed on our office by Environmental Health should changes need to occur. In the meantime, the following are in effect beginning July 1, 2020:
1) All staff will complete a “Return to Onsite Work Form” to determine health risks and ways to avoid risk exposure.
2) All staff will be required to train in several new trainings regarding COVID-19, and leave of absence issues. More info coming.

3) All staff must use the original office schedule to indicate what days you will be in the office, when you plan to arrive and when you plan to leave. While fewer people in the office may or may not be a benefit for the reduction of the spread of the virus, this document is not to restrict numbers of staff present, but instead to allow people to assess for themselves if they’d like to be onsite during times when a greater number of people are in attendance. (Please work with your supervisor to determine what is expected for your attendance at the office.) 
4)  All staff, upon arrival at the office will:
Enter by the front door upon first arrival for the day, and will take their own temperature with a no-touch thermometer or, if preferred, will take their temperature in their car with their own thermometer prior to entering.
Fill out an electronic screening tool upon first arrival (once per day).
Use hand-sanitizer when first entering, and at any time during the day you reenter the office. 
Go home immediately if at any time you do not feel well, or have any of the symptoms of COVID-19, letting your immediate supervisor know that you are leaving and why. 
Any visitors entering into the building such as for meetings with staff must also use the same procedure as staff above (including the screening tool). 

5)  The office meeting rooms will remain closed to public meetings until further notice. The Granite room and the Summit room may be used by TCOE staff in order to avoid close exposure to others in the building, or for small group meetings. The online room booking schedule will be opened up to onsite staff to use if you need to reserve a room. Please contact the tech department to get access. Please also be courteous in booking rooms and if your plans change, please change your reservation.

Sarah, Fabio and Tim have offered their offices to be used by other staff if they are not scheduled to be onsite (check the existing staff schedules before using these offices). 

Please be sure that you disinfect any rooms you use (that are not your own office) after each use by either using disinfecting wipes, or a spray bottle of disinfecting liquid and a paper towel, which will be provided by the office. 

6)  No meetings will be held with over 8 people in the Summit or Granite meeting rooms. Social distancing rules will apply.

7) The Boulder Room will not be available at this time to staff or visitors.  For now, until further notice, the Boulder Room will be exclusively used by Trinity Together to avoid crowding in the Educational Services Department area.

8)  Any physical meetings or conversations held at the office will follow all social distancing guidelines ie: if you can’t maintain 6’ of distance, face coverings will be necessary. Also, outdoor meetings would be preferable to indoor meetings. Indoor meetings can be made safer with open doors/windows for ventilation. Virtual meetings are encouraged.

9)  Meetings with TCOE staff members by district staff or others will be by appointment only so that there will be no unexpected visits (since the front office may not always be staffed). This will also help us monitor visitors in the building. NOTE: The exception to this is if there is an urgent issue, such as a parent who requires immediate assistance. We will not turn urgent business away. If you plan to meet with someone, please add that to your schedule (ie: 9:30 am - Suzie Q will be meeting with Bobby Joe”) so that others are aware of the number of people in the building. 

10)  TCOE will have public hours of operations from 2:00 to 4:00 pm on Monday - Wednesday. This is primarily to limit disruptions to the business office when the front desk is not occupied. This information will be posted on the front door. 

11) Visitors will have to follow all social distancing rules imposed by the county ie: maintain 6’ feet of space, wear face coverings, etc. and will remain in the lobby area behind the special glass barrier to speak with the person at the front desk.

12)  We will encourage district staff to utilize the public hours of operation as well. If visits must be done outside of the public hours of operations, visitors should be encouraged to call ahead to make appointments with a staff member, even to pick up mail or payroll. Again this is to reduce disruptions to the business office.
13)  Vendors/deliveries must leave packages in the lobby, or other arrangements must be made by appointment (ie: leaving bulk supplies in Tim E.’s storage area for example) and must also follow social distancing requirements. (Note: we plan to no longer be utilizing Shasta Water delivery and will instead use a no-touch water dispenser as soon as it can be purchased and installed.) The lobby can be left unlocked while staff is in the building (with the internal door closed and locked) to allow for package drop off. District mail can be left at the front desk for district representatives to pick up.  
14)  Staff should avoid using the communal refrigerator and microwave, if possible. If you do use the communal refrigerator, please disinfect the door handle after you have opened and closed it. Do not touch anything in the refrigerator that is not your own. If you use the microwave, please also disinfect it after use. Please eat at your own desks, in your cars, outside, or at home if you live close by. Communal plates, silverware, and the communal table will be relocated for the time being and will not be in use by staff.  

15)  Due to the Governor’s mandate as of June 18, 2020, face coverings will be required when walking throughout common areas such as hallways. Face coverings are available at the front desk for visitors and staff, or staff members may prefer to bring their own. 
16) Please use the phone or email to contact others in the building rather than visiting another person’s office, if possible. 

17) Please do not loiter in the hallways to chat. Again, face coverings must be worn in the hallways.

18) The copiers, typewriter, guest business workstation, and postage meter should be disinfected by staff members after each use.
19) Because restrooms are common areas, everyone must wear face covering when in the restrooms as per the Governor’s mandate. Hand sanitizer is located on the wall by the front office immediately after exiting the restrooms, so after washing your hands inside the bathroom for 20 seconds, and then opening the door, you can sanitize your hands.
20) No matter what our own personal opinions are about COVID-19, the use of PPEs, or using other precautions, we will respect and protect each other in our office environment and we will not express personal feelings in any negative way in our office that could have the potential to offend (especially when masks are worn and facial expressions are limited). Thank you for understanding that at TCOE we value everyone’s health, safety and comfort.

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