2019-2020 Trinity County TUPE Site Coordinators

County Coordinator Contact:  Ann Hill, PO Box 1256, Weaverville, 96093 
Ph 530.623.2861.232  Fax 623.4489 Email ahill [AT] tcoek12 [DOT] org

Tobacco Education Program Contact:  Lynn Ward, PO Box 2370, Weaverville, 96093
Ph 530.623.2024  Fax 623-6343 Email lward [AT] hrntrinity [DOT] org


District Coordinator

Burnt Ranch Tamera West 530.629.2543
PO Box 39
Burnt Ranch 95527
C.H.Y.B.A. Federico Mier
85 Airport Rd
Redding, CA
fmire [AT] chybacharter [DOT] com
Coffee Creek  Brian Burns
4C2 Box4740
Trinity Center, 96091
bburns [AT] tcoek12 [DOT] org
Douglas City  Alanna Fornaciari 530.623.6350
PO Box 280
Douglas City 96024
aforniaciari [AT] tcoek12 [DOT] org
Junction City Bridget Rogers
52680 Red Hill Rd.
Junction City 96048
brodgers [AT] tcoek12 [DOT] org
Lewiston Ann Hill 530.778.6900
685 Lewiston Rd.
Lewiston 96052
ahill [AT] tcoek12 [DOT] org
Mountain Valley No Coordinator 530.628.5261
PO Box 339
Hayfork 96041
Southern Trinity Susan Bray 707.574.6237
680 Van Duzen Rd.
Bridgeville 95526
sbray [AT] stjusd [DOT] org
Southern Trinity Clint Maybee 707.574.6239
680 Van Duzen Rd.
Bridgeville 95526
cmaybee [AT] stjusd [DOT] org
Trinity County
Community School
Steve Hiscock 530.623.2861
PO Box 1256
Weaverville 96093
shiscock [AT] tcoek12 [DOT] org

Trinity Preparatory Acadamy,
Trinity Alps USD
Colin Smith 530.623.5533
PO Box 1000
Weaverville 96093
csmith [AT] tausd [DOT] org
Trinity High School
Trinity Alps USD
Bob Anderson 530.623.6127
PO Box 1060
Weaverville 96093
banderson [AT] tausd [DOT] org
Alps View
Trinity Alps USD
Rachel LaFein 530.623.6127
PO Box 1227
Weaverville 96093
rlafein [AT] tausd [DOT] org


TUPE Director

Ann Hill
TUPE Director

530-623-2861 ext. 232

TUPE Site Coordinators
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In the News


This health news is alarming.  We have more evidence for our youth to hopefully keep them from vaping.  And if they are vaping tobacco to motivate them to quit!


On the upside, maybe social distancing will help some kids quit??

How to Break-up with Vaping in 2020

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