All paraprofessionals must turn in their high school diploma or equivalent to the Human Resources Department.  Paraprofessionals hired before the date of enactment of NCLB (1/8/02) have until 6/30/06 to satisfy the other NCLB requirements.



We believe that Special Education Paraprofessionals who assist with the health care of students are exempt if they do not assist in the direct instruction of the students.  The California Department of Education is requesting additional guidance from the US Department of Education regarding the qualifications of paraprofessionals who provide services to students with special needs.  More information will be forthcoming.



Locally, the Shasta Adult School offers prep classes and GED testing.  They can be reached at 530-245-2626, and they are located at 2200 Eureka Way, Redding, California



Yes, unless you are at a School wide Title 1 School.  Thus, paraprofessionals are supported with Title I funds in an indirect way.  Should you have any questions, contact your Human Resources Department or Personnel Office.



The NCLB Act first stipulates that a paraprofessional is in receipt of a secondary school diploma (high school or its recognized equivalent).  If you lost your high school diploma, contact the high school or the district in which you attended to obtain a transcript indicating that you graduated from a high school.  If you do not have a high school diploma, plan to take the test for the General Education Diploma (GED).



NCLB requires that schools have highly qualified teachers and paraprofessionals in every classroom. Paraprofessionals who work in a Title I position or in a district-wide Title I school district will be required to have a high school diploma or its equivalent and one of the following in order to meet the minimum qualifications for the Paraprofessional position:

  • Possess an Associate of Arts/Science Degree
  • Complete 48 semester units of college education
  • Pass the Shasta County Paraprofessional Exam

It is important to understand that this exam was implemented in January 2004 to meet the requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act. Many of you may have already taken and passed the Aide Proficiency Test but that test does not meet the Paraprofessional standards of the No Child Left Behind Act. You must pass the new Paraprofessional Exam if you are to work in a Title I position or district-wide Title I school.

If you are currently employed as an Aide or Paraprofessional in a school district and have questions as to whether or not you are required to meet the new requirements, please contact your district's Human Resources Office.



This test must not only demonstrate knowledge of reading, writing, and math, but the ability to assist in instructing in these areas.



There are several paraprofessional classifications that are exempt from the NCLB requirements.  These classifications include:  translators, parent involvement aides, and P.E. aides.  However, all paraprofessionals (even those exempt) need a high school diploma. Should the state and federal government expand the list of exempt classifications, we will inform you.


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