Local Child Care Planning Council

    The Mission of the Trinity County Child Care Planning Council is to lead countywide collaborative planning, with action and advocacy; to make affordable quality child care available to each family in Trinity County; to support quality education providers; and to advocate for inclusion of child care into community plans.

Strategic Action Plan

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California Child Care Coordinators Association

California Child Development Administrators Association


Local Childcare Planning Council Members

Local Child Care Planning Council

Chairperson: Carol Teitzel-Nunnelley  (Discretionary Appointee)

Vice Chairperson:  Mary Haugen (Child Care Provider)

Member: Sheri White (Discretionary Appointee)

Member: Kristin Jurin  (Child Care Provider)

Member: Keith Groves (Public Agency Representative)

Member: Bettina Blackwell (Public Agency Representative)

Member: Mary Velasquez (Community Representative)

Member: Lisa Tadlock (Community Representative)

Member: Hannah Hitzemann (Parent/Consumer of Childcare)

Member: VACANT (Parent/Consumer of Childcare)

LPC Membership consists of 10 members with 20% Representation from Child Care Providers, 20% from Public Agencies, 20% from Community Representatives, 20% Consumers, and 20% Discretionary

LPC Coordinator:  Fabio Robles, Ed.D



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