Trinity County Education Support Liaisons - 2022-2023 School Year
(Foster Youth & McKinney Vento)

County Liaison    

Trinity County
Office of Education

Tiffany Wright

530.623.2861 x233
PO Box 1256
Weaverville 96093
twright [AT] tcoek12 [DOT] org

  Alison Smith

530.623.2861 x261
PO Box 1256
Weaverville 96093
asmith [AT] tcoek12 [DOT] org

Trina LaQue

PO Box 1256
Weaverville 96093
tlaque [AT] tcoek12 [DOT] org

District Liaisons

Burnt Ranch Robin Dummer 530.629.2543
PO Box 39
Burnt Ranch 95527
rdummer [AT] bresd [DOT] org
C.H.Y.B.A. Cindy Vogt

Chelsea Martinez
85 Airport Rd
Redding, CA
cvogt [AT] chybacharter [DOT] com

cmartinez [AT] chybacharter [DOT] com
Coffee Creek Brian Burns
4C2 Box4740
Trinity Center, 96091
bburns [AT] tcoek12 [DOT] org
Douglas City Amy Rice 530.623.6350
PO Box 280
Douglas City 96024
arice [AT] tcoek12 [DOT] org
Junction City Bre Corp 530.623.6381
52680 Red Hill Rd.
Junction City 96048
bcorp [AT] jcesd [DOT] org 
Lewiston Elizabeth Christensen 530.778.3984
685 Lewiston Rd.
Lewiston 96052
echristensen [AT] tcoek12 [DOT] org
Mountain Valley Sarah Aldinger
PO Box 339
Hayfork 96041
saldinger [AT] mvusd [DOT] us
R.I.S.E. Academy Alison Smith 530.623.2861 x261
PO Box 1256
Weaverville 96093
asmith [AT] tcoek12 [DOT] org
Southern Trinity Angie Moore 707.574.6237
680 Van Duzen Rd.
Bridgeville 95526
moore [AT] stjusd [DOT] org
State Preschools  Sheri White 530.623.2024
PO Box 2370
Weaverville 96093
swhite [AT] hrntrinity [DOT] org
Trinity Alps Unified
Stephanie Smith
 Katie Poburko*
      *Site Support-WES/TPA
PO Box 1060
Weaverville 96093
smith [AT] tausd [DOT] org
kpoburko [AT] tausd [DOT] org
Trinity Center  Veronica Stewart  530.266.3342
PO Box 127
Trinity Center 96091
vstewart [AT] tcoek12 [DOT] org

State Liaison McKinney Vento

of Education           
Leanne Wheeler      
1430 N St., Suite 6208
Sacramento 95814
lwheeler [AT] cde [DOT] ca [DOT] gov


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