Court and Community Schools

Trinity County Community School (TCS) is a public school that is run by Trinity County Office of of Education. The community school educate students in kindergarten through grade twelve who are expelled from school or who are referred because of attendance or behavior problems. TCS also serves students who are homeless, on probation or parole, and who are not attending any school. Parents or guardians may also request that their child attend TCS.

Our community school is designed to meet individual student needs. Students learn academic and life skills. They also learn to view themselves in a positive way and to get along with other people. Although students may graduate from TCS, the goal is to help students move to other levels of education, training, or employment.

TCS is currently closed due to lack of need, should the need arise, our Community School can reopen.

Trinity County Juvenile Court School provides education for juveniles who are incarcerated in facilities run by county probation departments. Trinity County Juvenile Court School is operated by the Trinity County Board of Education.

Juveniles who are under the authority of the juvenile court system are required to attend school under California's compulsory education requirements. Juvenile court school students are provided a California standards-based curriculum and must take educational assessment tests required of all students in the state's public schools.  

Trinity County Juvenile Court School provides students a course of study that leads to a high school diploma or high school equivalency certificate.
Currently, Trinity County incarcerated juvenile’s are being served outside of our county. Should the need arise to reopen the Court School, we will be ready to provide a services.


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