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Submitted by Steve Hiscock, RISE Academy Teacher with Fabio Robles

Parenting during this time of distance learning can be challenging. There can be lots of obstacles that families may experience. These obstacles might include: homes that are not set up for schooling, students struggling with specific subjects, parents who may not be confident with the material students are working on, and having children in different age groups and grades trying to coordinate their schedules, or the use of a computer. The list goes on and on...  


Trinity County Office of Education is hosting a virtual parenting support class to help parents with the many challenges they may now be facing.  Once a week for an hour, parents participate in a webinar where they can pick up helpful and easy to use tips. Additionally, parents have the opportunity to network and share with others what is working or not working in their own homes which allows parents to learn from one another. As a virtual community, we can all help each other get through this.

Three easy tips for distance learning include: knowing your child, creating a schedule and including passion projects. Knowing your child is the foundation of success because each child is unique.  Their strengths, struggles, and personality are going to play a huge role in their success with distance learning.  Some children will excel because they have the self-motivation to push through challenges with learning. Other children may struggle without their classroom teacher beside them to lean on.  Understanding those unique characteristics of your child will help you set them up for success.  A daily schedule allows each child the benefit of predicting what is happening throughout the day.  This predictability gives them something to look forward to during times that are difficult.  Just waking up in the morning without a plan is going to be a recipe for disaster. Routines and predictability have been shown to lesson anxiety and increase motivation and success in children. Passion projects are another way to increase success by engaging children's interest and strengths.  These projects are what students look forward to the most.  If a child is passionate about auto mechanics, art, robotics, pets, or pottery; have them research, explore, write, and do hands-on activities in those areas and, when possible, have them relate their interests to the work they are being asked to complete.  Whenever possible, parent participation is a great way to increase and build a positive relationship. Sometimes just being available to listen to your child for a few undivided minutes can make all the difference.  The best learning takes place with children who love what they are learning and can apply it to their interests.  

If you find these ideas helpful and would like to be a part of this virtual community, please join us every Tuesday at 5:30 PM.  You can register by going to the online link at or on the Trinity County Office of Education Facebook Page. Be sure to email us there if you have any questions or need any help with the registration at shiscock [AT] trinitycoe [DOT] org. We look forward to talking more! 

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