Monthly News Article for June 2020


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Written by the TCOE Team

With all of the hardships COVID-19 has caused, we want to take a moment to acknowledge how well the school districts in Trinity County have changed and adapted to a new way of serving students. It’s been difficult for everyone, but we are ending the school year strong and are proud of the way all of our districts have risen to the challenge to serve our students and communities.

As of this writing, districts in Trinity County have served nearly 100,000 meals to students since schools were closed. They have fed all children in their community, whether or not they are students of their districts. Some districts have delivered meals to children if they had buses or vans to utilize, others have offered “drive through” or “drive up” services. Sometimes the meals were a large box of items to last for several days. Sometimes the meals included toilet paper, hand sanitizer, toothbrushes and other treats. Meal distribution time has always included a chance for staff and students to connect, if only to wave at each other.

Schools have continued instruction for every child each day. The delivery of instruction varied to suit the needs of individual students, classes and communities. Sometimes teachers sent home carefully selected and organized packets of work that were completed and returned; sometimes teachers utilized up-to-date and innovative tools like “Google Classroom” and “Zoom” for meetings with students, and for delivering and collecting assignments online.

With the support of teachers and parents, students have participated in the very first, online art show featuring 207 pieces of art in a student-created presentation for the whole community to enjoy. Students also have had the opportunity to participate in creating projects for the online Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math “STEAM” Fair.  Those project are now available to view online.  

In coordination with Trinity Together, students also had opportunities to attend Career Conversations online and interact with Trinity County alumni in discussions about a wide variety of careers and professional experience ranging from independent entrepreneurs to educators, artists, natural resource professionals and corporate leaders.  

Students with disabilities have also been transitioning to a new way of learning. This includes online resources and lessons for speech therapy, occupational therapy, and mental health needs. Additionally, special education teachers have been working virtually with their general education partners, as well as meeting with one another to collaborate and make distance learning appropriate for students with disabilities. The TCOE special education department has also expanded its resources to include video lessons that parents can watch anytime, as a way to make learning flexible.  For families that don’t have reliable internet access, the same information has been printed out in hard copy form and phone calls have been set up to do regular check-ins. Special education staff have transitioned to distance learning in a way that works for parents, providing multiple options and ways of communication. 

The entire education community of Trinity County has worked hard, learned new ways to serve students, and look forward to seeing everyone in person as soon as it’s safe to do so.

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