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I hate my teacher!

Most of us can look back and remember having quite a few teachers who were fair…and some who were not-so-fair. Each one of them taught us something extremely important about life. The fair ones gave us a sense that life is sometimes fair. The unfair ones gave us wonderful opportunities to develop skills for coping with those times when it isn't. kids need to learn how to succeed with nice teachers as well as demanding ones.


It's tempting to rescue our kids when they have an unfair teacher. Nevertheless, wise parents understand that trying to move their kids out of a classroom, make teachers change grades, give second chances, or lower standards robs their children of important learning opportunities. Instead of rescuing kids, parents can empower their children with ideas and skills. Listed below are some of the things parents can say:

“That’s got to be rough. What can you do about that?”

“I bet that's got to be frustrating. What do you think you could say to your teacher?”

“I love you. Let me know if you would like some ideas. Or, would you like to hear how some kids get along with their tough teachers?”

 Some ideas to offer:

  •  “Some kids decide to very nicely ask their teacher if they would be willing to talk about the problem.
  •  “Some kids decide to tell themselves that having tough teachers now will help them learn how to handle tough bosses when they are grown up.”
  • “I can see that this is really hard for you. I will love you no matter what you decide to do.”

Notice that each of these statements communicates love as well as high expectations. Kids learn to solve problems and be responsible when we resist the urge to rescue or lecture.

Wintertime can be tough for both teachers and students. Keeping things positive can go a long way toward helping your children learn while showing teachers that we appreciate their hard work and dedication.

Let's send a big thanks to educators this month by helping our kids view them with great respect. A powerful strategy for achieving this goal involves allowing kids to overhear us talking positively about their teachers and schools. You've probably noticed your children's eyes glazing over as you've tried to lecture them about some important truth. In contrast, you've probably seen how closely they listen when they see that you're trying to have a private conversation. It's a basic fact of human nature. We can take advantage of this fascinating phenomenon by talking about the key things we want our kids to learn…just within their hearing distance.   

The more positive comments they overhear us making about their schools and their teachers, the more respectful and motivated they will be around their schools and their teachers.

Experiment with this: At least twice a week intentionally let your children overhear you saying something positive about their teachers. Do this for the rest of the school year. See what happens!

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