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Title: Help Shape Our Future – Be Counted!

Every 10 years, the U.S. government counts every person living in the U.S. through the census. The census is a short questionnaire that asks basic information about your household and the
people who live in it. Your responses are confidential. The Census Bureau is not allowed to share your individual information with other government agencies, immigration officials, or the public. Strong laws protect your responses from being shared.


The next census will start in March 2020. The census is the engine of our representative democracy. The census count determines the number of seats in the House of Representatives (and how much representation in the electoral college) for each state. And that’s not all. The census also determines the division of $800 billion dollars of federal funds to local governments for education, health services (hospitals and Medicare), Headstart childcare programs, public libraries, and transportation (road work) for the next ten years. For our county schools, two important sources of funding are impacted by the results of the census: Title I and IDEA. Title I provides funding for educational services to improve academic performance of all students, particularly the lowest-achieving students; IDEA stands for the “Individual with Disabilities Act” and helps to fund services for students with disabilities. We need to make sure Trinity County gets our fair share.

Be warned! A great way to disrupt a democracy is to disrupt a census. Already false and inaccurate social media posts about the census have begun to appear online and are being shared, especially on Google, Twitter and Facebook. The Census Bureau is now working with all major platforms to stamp out misinformation. The Bureau has created a webpage dedicated to fighting rumors and providing accurate information. It can be found at is also a legitimate source for lots of information about the census.

For the first time, you can respond to census questions online if you choose. The Census Bureau will send out instructions in mid-March 2020. Go to the official census website, enter your household ID, and then answer the questions. You can also respond by phone. Call the Census Bureau to answer the census or ask questions about the census. If you do not respond to the census online or by phone, the Census Bureau will mail you a paper questionnaire. If you do not respond, starting in May 2020, a census employee might come to your door to ask for the information in person. You can still respond online or by phone through June 2020.

The census questionnaire is quick and simple and will ask: the number of people in your household (even if they are not related to you), the names, sex, age, race and date of birth for each person, and their relationship with the person filling out the census, and whether the home is rented or owned.  They will ask for your telephone number which will only be used if needed for official Census Bureau business.

Please help to spread the word. Completing the census is extremely important to Trinity County.

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