Technology Contacts

Robert Jackson 
Director of Technology
623-2861 ext. 262
Laura Dawson 
IT Support Specialist 
623-2861 ext. 236
Muhammad Faisal
IT Support Specialist
623-2861 ext. 230
Helpdesk [AT] tcoek12 [DOT] org



TCOE Technology Department supports all types of technical support from WAN/LAN Network design to workstation support.

Training and Support is available for the following programs; Google Apps, Microsoft Suite, Interactive Whiteboards, and more.

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To submit a helpdesk request, send an email to helpdesk [AT] tcoek12 [DOT] org

Suggestions to try before submitting a helpdesk request:

  • Workstation:  Reboot  your computer. This usually resolves most of the simple issues.
  • Printers: Familiarize yourself with basic printer options.If it is a network printer, see if others in your district can print to it.
  • Internet:  Check to see if a neighbor or a section of the school is able to access the web, if so reboot your computer, otherwise report the issue to the school 

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