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TCOE Employee Information

Welcome to the TCOE Employee Information Page.

Below are links and information to Payroll Forms, Supplemental Retirement Savings Options, Supplemental Insurance, and Timesheets. To access Open Enrollment Forms and Information, please see the Health & Welfare Page.

TCOE Employee Information

TCOE Section 125 Cafeteria Plan

What is a 125 Plan?  What does that mean for me?

The IRS Code Section 125 allows employers to implement an employee benefit arrangement/plan under which active employees are allowed to withhold a portion of their salary on a pre-tax basis to cover the cost of qualifying insurance premiums, medical expenses and dependent day care expenses.  Because Section 125 Cafeteria Plan benefits are free from federal and state income tax, an employee's taxable income is reduced which increases take-home pay.  In many cases, employer savings can add up to as much as 20% of every dollar being passed through the plan, and employees can save up to 40% depending on their tax bracket.

Regular full-time, classified, management and academic employees are eligible for 125 plan benefits through payroll deduction on their first day of work.  The plan is administered by American Family Life Assurance Company (AFLAC).  Enrollment must be renewed each year during open enrollment in October/November.  For additional information, please contact the Human Resource Benefit Analyst at 530-623-2861 x225.

Examples of TCOE 125 Plan Employee Benefits

**Employee health premium deductions (including medical, vision & dental)   **Employee flexible spending account contributions and health savings account contributions  **Group accident, critical illness, cancer, dental, dependent day care and various other voluntary supplemental insurance policies


Enrollment / Claim Forms and Rate Sheets at a Quick Glance
Aflac Benefits Brochures and detailed Rate Sheets

TCOE Group Accident Benefits


TCOE Group Critical Illness / Cancer Benefits


 Hospital Benefits


Flexible Speding Accounts

AFLAC Rep: Terri Runolfson  
Email: Terri Runolfson
Office: 530-347-7232
FAX: 530  347-4163
AFLAC Rep:Vicki Whaley 
Email: Vicki Whaley
Office: 530 623-9500
FAX 530 623-256



 403(b) & 457(b) Plan Instructions For Employees - Click here to view instructions.


Attention Employees: If you would like to contribute, change, or stop a 403(b) or 457(b) deduction through Envoy, please submit your completed Salary Reduction Agreement to your district Business Manager.  For TCOE employees, submit your SRA to April Fiermonte in the HR/Payroll Department.  *Faxing SRA’s is no longer an appropriate form of submission. All SRA’s MUST be sent to the appropriate business manager in order to be processed correctly.”

The Plan permits all employees to be eligible for plan participation immediately upon employment, via payroll deduction to a 403(b)/457(b) plan chosen from the District's list of approved vendors (excluding students performing services for the District). The District's approved vendor list is available on the Envoy Plan Services TCOE  website. For 2020-21 the maximum pre-tax contribution is $19,500. The over 50 "catch-up" (if qualified) is $6,500.

  2020 Tax Year         Basic Limit         
     Age 50  

 403(b) Plans $19,500 $6,500  $26,000
 457(b) Plans $19,500 $6,500 $26,000
 Total $39,000 $13,00 $51,000

403(b) Salary Reduction Agreement


457(b) Salary Reduction Agreement

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