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Superintendent Message

Trinity County Office of Education takes great pride in being a service organization.  We provide service and leadership to the nine school districts in our community.  We provide educational programs, curriculum support and financial oversight of school district budgets.  We work in partnership with other educational, governmental, and community based agencies to bring needed grants and other resources to the students in Trinity County.  

The County Superintendent of Schools provides leadership to the educational community and to the County Office of Education and serves as Chief Administrative Officer and Ex-Officio Secretary of the County Board of Education.  The County Superintendent also ensures compliance with all the relevant education laws, policies and regulations.

When making decisions and administering programs we strive to keep in mind our most important customer is the children of this community. Our most frequently asked question is, What is best for kids? When we answer that question we know the direction we need to take.

Amy Curry - Administrative Assistant - (530) 623-2861 ext.220

Email - superintendent [AT] tcoek12 [DOT] org 


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  Sarah Supahan - Deputy Superintendent - (530) 623-2861 ext.239  

Assistant Superintendent Messsage

I have loved living and working in our rural area for the past 30 years and I have a passion for small, rural schools. Just prior to working for Trinity County Office of Education (TCOE), I worked as part-time Superintendent or part-time Superintendent/Principal for several small districts. I know the challenge of being the only administrator on site and to have few programs or services available to you or your students. Our whole team here at TCOE strongly believes it is our mission to help make the job of education easier for all of our administrators, teachers, paraprofessionals, business and office staff so that they can concentrate on the students they directly serve.

Families and students of Trinity County are so very fortunate to have such dedicated school staff who enthusiastically provide a quality, rigorous education, grounded in respect, trustworthiness, citizenship, responsibility and caring.

Cassie Telles - Administrative Assistant - (530) 623-2861 ext.254 


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